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Mr. Crow
2 December 2011

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Existence Artistique on Growing and Going . .

Devi on All Happening . .
:)))))))))))))))))))))))))) The Bird Psychology !!!!!

Existence Artistique on All Happening . .

beach on Heading Home . .
Away they go

Existence Artistique on Heading Home . .
belle complicit

Existence Artistique on Bad Mood

beach on Bad Mood
Very handsome, even with the bad temper.

Devi on Bad Mood
What a lovely image here !!!I have heard that swans can be very aggressive . I read about this first in a P G ...

Existence Artistique on Big-Feet and Friend
superbe ce duo

beach on Big-Feet and Friend
He's wearing the latest in style: orange!

Dimitrios on Big-Feet and Friend
a fine frame

omid on Passing By . .
such beautiful colors, lights & reflections! Lovely!

Ralf Kesper on Passing By . .

Existence Artistique on Passing By . .
oh superbe les reflets

beach on Passing By . .
Nice one.

Dimitrios on Passing By . .

Devi on Passing By . .
Passing by... sure.. and creating some Modern art on the way :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

omid on Beware behind you . .
:)))))) A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!

Ralf Kesper on Beware behind you . .
3...2...1 Surprise! :)))

Existence Artistique on Beware behind you . .
oh un curieux

beach on Beware behind you . .
Look out!

marije on Beware behind you . .
quelle ironie

Gérard on Beware behind you . .
Ah Ah ! Excellent ! And you, what was in your back .... :-)

Dimitrios on Beware behind you . .
HAHA Double fun frame

Ralf Kesper on Out and About
That´s big swans!

beach on Out and About
A morning stroll

Existence Artistique on Out and About
bien ce trio

omid on Still in Aggressive Mode
L O V EL Y !

Devi on Still in Aggressive Mode
Wow..a fabulous shot !! A threat ? Of course you know the best..the pulse of the birds...

Existence Artistique on Still in Aggressive Mode

Devi on Misty Morn
An awesome feel here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Existence Artistique on Misty Morn

Ralf Kesper on Misty Morn
Well hidden mood.

Devi on Here they come !
Fantastic image.. I love this capture..the swans look awesome... You are the " food carrier " I am sure ...

Existence Artistique on Here they come !

Dimitrios on Here they come !
what a parade! Bravo!

Ralf Kesper on Here they come !
Nice trail of beauties.

Devi on Confrontation
I wonder if he is saying a friendly Hello :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Existence Artistique on Confrontation
belle complicité

Ralf Kesper on Cold Feet ?
Very good!

Existence Artistique on Cold Feet ?
bien les pattes

Dimitrios on Cold Feet ?
superbly framed, bravo

omid on Gulls-0n-Ice
such beautiful composition & reflections! Lovely!

Devi on Gulls-0n-Ice
Lovely reflections though!!!!

Existence Artistique on Gulls-0n-Ice
superbe ces reflets

Dimitrios on Gulls-0n-Ice

Ralf Kesper on Gulls-0n-Ice
Really nice on ice. I like their shadows.

omid on . . last one !
Lovely series.

Existence Artistique on . . last one !
bien les plumes

Libouton Martine on . . last one !
Très belle ta photo il est superbe !

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